Weekly Review: April 21, 2017

I'm struggling to get back into my project after the bank holiday, but I found some other useful distractions, like attending the local CodeUp and setting up an encrypted git repository for my org-mode files.

Long weekend

After returning from the wedding on Friday, we had an old school friend of mine stay with us in Sheffield for a couple of days. He used to live here before moving to London, and has been scouting the area for a potential move. We all joined some more friends on Sunday to play board games, and I forced everyone to watch the Robot Wars final.


I also made it back to the climbing wall for the first time in months this week. I was predictably hopeless, but I'll soon improve - if I keep up this routine.


On Wednesday I went to the Sheffield CodeUp event - a mentoring program for adults who would like to learn how to code. I ended up writing Python with one of the attendees. We walked through some basic syntax and started up Python's SimpleHTTPServer. Annoyingly, that module uses classes, so it was a more long-winded introduction to web programming than I'd hoped. Still, we got something running.

Mechanical keyboard parts

Parts for my new 60% mechanical keyboard arrived this week! I ordered Gateron Brown switches in the hope they'd be quiet enough for use in a co-working space. I guess we'll find out once it's built.


Up until now I've been using Unison to sync my org-mode files with an encrypted directory on my server, but annoyingly, I noticed I'd lost a few changes this week.

I've tried many sync techniques now, but the only way to reliably keep your data is to use a VCS. So I've set up an encrypted git repository for my org files using git-remote-gcrypt. Managing a full git repository is a bit more hassle than I'd like, but at least I won't lose any data!


Some links I found interesting:

Have a great weekend!