Weekly Review: April 14, 2017

April sunburn and a meeting with our local Data Co-operative.

I'm posting this update a week late. It was a UK bank holiday on Friday and I was doing something much more important and celebrating my friend's wedding!

Bishops House

On Saturday, we had a look around Bishops' House in Meersbrook, Sheffield. It's an early timber-framed building, built around 1480-1500, and furnished to the mid-17th century. Despite being called Bishops' House, it didn't actually house a Bishop. The (unsubstantiated) story is that two brothers of the Blythe family lived there who later became bishops. Which is a relief, because it's a long walk to the nearest cathedral. It's worth a look if you're in the area, and it's open most weekends.

Data Co-operative

After exploring Bishops' House, I walked to our monthly meeting for the Dark Peak Data Co-operative - we're a group of friends sharing the burden of self-hosted online services. The organisation is owned by the members (the users), so there's no way we can sell off data without everyone voting for it.

We spent a lot of time working with Docker over the past year, and we've finally concluded it was a bad choice in this case. Instead, we're now going to manage containers ourselves, and let the admins of each service use the configuration management tools they prefer.

We also discussed the recent popularity of Mastodon - it looks like a promising candidate for the co-op to host.

Graves Park

Sunday was ridiculously warm, so we spent it wandering around Graves Park with friends, and saying hello to the goats and sheep and things. Unfortunately, I'm not made for all this sunshine and I managed to get sunburned, in April, in England.


I finished reading The Fuse Volume 4: Constant Orbital Revolutions - I've really enjoyed this series so far!

Book cover: The Fuse Volume 4: Constant Orbital Revolutions

In it, a cynical, old, Russian female lead is partnered with a young, black, German male cop in a classic odd couple setup. Together, they solve crimes on an orbiting energy platform known as 'The Fuse', and find plenty of opportunity for the lead, 'Klem', to kick some ass. This book managed to nicely tie-up a bunch of threads in what I hope isn't the final episode of the series.


Some links I found interesting:

Have a great weekend!