Raspberry Pi MPD server

Monday, 04 April 2016

I've used Music Player Daemon (MPD) for many years and it's been a great way to manage my digital music collection. I can browse the library using a decent open-source Android client, MPDroid, and stream audio to my phone when out of the house. My first dedicated MPD server ran on the NSLU2, but more recently has been upgraded to the Raspberry Pi 3. Since then, I've been meaning to build a proper case, and this weekend, I finally did.

Custom MPD server case

The outer shell is 3mm laser-cut MDF, the inner 'tray' is 3mm semi-transparent acrylic. The transparency isn't really noticeable because it's dark inside the case (by design), but there's enough transparency to let the signal from an infrared remote control pass through.

MPD server as part of the hi-fi setup

Inside, there's:

The case was designed by me and cut by RazorLAB.

I'm controlling the LCD using Python, which connects to MPD and reports the current song, or turns off the backlight when idle. I've also installed LIRC and configured a Rega mini remote to control playback.

I'm already pleased with the result, and there's scope to do more: the Pi 3 has Bluetooth support, so it should be possible to stream audio from Android using PulseAudio and bluez, turning my hi-fi into a big Bluetooth speaker - that's for another day, though.